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March 21, 2016


The sexist history of the engagement ring. Few people give much thought as to why we do the things we do. How many ever wonder why only the female wears an engagement ring?

Well here is a bit of thought for you on a Monday morning...

The caveman tied cords made of braided grass around his chosen mate’s wrists, ankles, and waist, to bring her spirit under his control.

2nd Century BC: According to Pliny the Elder, the groom gives the bride first a gold ring to wear during the ceremony and at special events, then an iron ring to wear at home, signifying her binding legal agreement to his ownership of her.

It was all about ownership, laying claim to a woman. In the male dominated world a man would stake his claim on the female.

Now, thanks in great part to DeBeers Mining Company and their taking control of 90% of the world’s diamond production an advertising program sold the world on the supposed need for engagement ring and the world bought into the idea. Proving once again that an effective marketing program can bring great wealth.

So this is why only the female wears an engagement ring and in ignorance the female loves being claimed and owned by the male to this day........Got to keep that woman's spirit under control!!!!!

Keep in mind that DeBeers was clearly a male owned and dominated company.......

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