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Using a Celebrant to Create a Personalized Funeral Service:

A funeral, a memorial is a Celebration of a Life passed… A declaration of our thanks and gratitude… And a fond farewell.

To begin our process of working together, I set up a meeting with immediate family and/or friends. From there, I work to create and deliver a meaningful funeral service designed to joyfully celebrate and remember the spirit, character and story of your loved one who has passed away. During our meeting time, I learn the unique stories, songs, pictures and experiences that define your loved one. These memories allow me to co-create with you a “Celebration of Life” – whether at a funeral home, private home, graveside or venue of your choice.

The task of creating and organizing a funeral service is often challenging for immediate family and friends. As a Celebrant, I listen to your stories and walk with you in organizing your service. Religious? Non-Religious? Readings? Scripture? Life Stories? Music? DVD Presentation? Candle lighting? Memory Folder? There are these details – and so many more – to consider. In this way, I can create a smooth-flowing, beautiful crafted tribute for your loved one.


In all that I do, you have my personal assurance that I will co-create and deliver a beautiful and memorable end-of-life ceremony with warmth, dignity, reverence and compassion. It is my privilege and honor to work with you to create a personalized funeral service that is a healing and comforting process rather than a disruption to immediate family and friends.


All Faiths & Traditions Honored Here:


As a Certified Celebrant, I am familiar with funeral, memorial and life tribute rituals from all faiths and traditions. Whether you are religious, spiritual or secular, I have a strong working knowledge of the world’s traditions and will work with you to create a beautiful and meaningful memorial, life tribute, graveside service or funeral. And I am also familiar with the process of cremation and burial.

Grief is a journey. And a ceremony that celebrates the life of your loved one is a valuable opportunity to begin true healing for grieving family and friends.


Living Funerals


A living funeral is a gathering centered around someone who will soon die; a way to pay tribute to a loved one, and allow them to pass in peace with the knowledge of the feelings and thoughts of others being presented to them in a reception style gathering. Whether at a hotel, banquet facility, or a private residence…allow Sensational Ceremonies to plan a Living Funeral where friends and family can pay tribute before it is too late. Please call for a free estimate.



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