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We honestly believe in freedoms and strive hard to ensure that you are able to express yourself at your wedding without any dogma that you do not want to hear. With Dr Kelsey Graham Ministries our one doctrine is love. Celebrate it in a way that reflects who you are!!

Yes we are unconventional even though we are quite capable of being conventional- It is YOUR wedding and YOU have the freedom of celebrating YOUR love and YOUR life any way you want. And we here at Dr Kelsey Graham ministries are here to make certain that you are provided with the means to do just that. Your celebration is not about us or what we believe or do not believe- it is all about YOU and what YOU believe and want!
For a celebration that allows you the freedom to be YOU contact us today!!! We are here to serve not restrict.


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About Dr Kelsey

Our Heritage


Our heritage is that of humanty itself.

Our Facilities


Our facilities are where you are.....

Our Community


YOU are our community.

Our Staff





Dr Kelsey Graham, founder and Bishop of Dr Kelsey Graham Ministries also the International Old Catholic Church. Years of ministerial training and public speaking traning and decades of experience.






Catherine Marie

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