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Deposits and Refunds

The standard practice across the wedding vendor and venue industry is to require a deposit (Generally 50% of the total fee) in order to secure YOUR date and time. Clearly this is done in order to ensure that no other couples are denied service without the date having been secured by someone else. It is also standard practice that deposits are NON -REFUNDABLE. There are rare exceptions to this rule based on family deaths and illnesses. 

In a decade of serving couples I can count on one hand the number of weddings that have cancelled (REALLY LESS THAN ONE HAND). Sometimes for various reasons a couple finds a need to change their date. If that is the case your deposit carries over to the new date. Unfortunately this year (2017) has seen a record number of couples cancelling their weddings. On more than one occasion it has been due to some family member being upset that another family member was not asked to officiate the wedding. Regretfully we cannot find a legitimate reason to refund under such circumstances. On other occasions the couple breaks up. Which, of course, is very sad. In all cases we have most likely denied other couples services due to the date having been secured with a deposit. Thereby giving a refund defeats the need for requiring a deposit to begin with. 

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