Getting Married in Alabama
Starting August 29th! In Alabama NO LONGER WILL YOU NEED A MINISTER, OFFICIANT, JUDGE to get you married. JUST A NOTARY. And the NOTARY can only charge you $5 per signature to notarize the form. A notary can charge you a TRAVEL FEE. If you are having a ceremony (not needed or required) and you want your wedding date to be on a WEEKEND make arrangements ahead of time for a notary to be available on that date.

Here is the link to download the form to make your marriage legal in ALABAMA after the 28th.

Be cautious- some unscrupulous individuals are giving out WRONG information. If it is not on the link I shared here it is not law.
As of now the two parties do not have to be together when the form is signed or filed back with probate. It make no difference which county you file it in. Each county will set their own fee. The form is only good for 30 days after the last signature is signed. Also go to the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS page of this same sight for more details. Fee free to message me with any questions I may be able to help you with. Some probate offices in our state are totally lost and confused as to what is happening. I am doing my best to keep the facts straight for everyone.

Dr Kelsey Graham

You are investing thousands into your WEDDING- How about investing a little into your MARRIAGE!

You are investing a lot in your WEDDING

Why not invest a little in your marriage?


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