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Preserving your
for up to 300 years


Not Forgotten

“How many years of beauty do I have left?

she asks me.

How many more do you want?

Here. Here is 34. Here is 50.

When you are 80 years old

and your beauty rises in ways

your cells cannot even imagine now

and your wild bones grow luminous and

ripe, having carried the weight

of a passionate life.

When your hair is aflame

with winter

and you have decades of

learning and leaving and loving

sewn into

the corners of your eyes

and your children come home

to find their own history

in your face.

When you know what it feels like to fail


and have gained the


to rise and rise and rise again.

When you can make your tea

on a quiet and ridiculously lonely afternoon

and still have a song in your heart

Queen owl wings beating

beneath the cotton of your sweater.

Because your beauty began there

beneath the sweater and the skin,


This is when I will take you

into my arms and coo


you’ve come so far.

I see you.

Your beauty is breathtaking."

~ Jeannette Encinias

Your  digital time capsule, preserved for 300 years! Stored in dry vaults, including one-of-a-kind anti-data-rot features, and mapped three different ways to ensure it's never lost or forgotten.

Share your story, leave a message, preserve your collection, or save a legacy.

A whole lot of value packed into one special offer.


Treat your favorite people
to a Not Forgotten® Time Capsule
& preserve their stories and memories for keeps.

A Not Forgotten®  time capsule is a gift unlike any other. It's an experience.
Its like a photo album or scrapbook you create.....only this time, the memories won’t fade or be lost.

Capture your story..... Photos, videos, documents and digitized memories bought together easily and elegantly, protected in dry vaults for up to 300 years, opened on the date you choose. A unique and timeless gift that keeps on giving, for generations.

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