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Custom Wedding Ceremony Script


Every couple has their own unique love story that brings them to their wedding day. As your wedding celebrant, we work with you to create a ceremony that embodies the love and passion of your relationship, while still capturing the individuality and personalities of both partners.


Of course, this is your wedding, and you have the ultimate control! The ceremony is created with lots of input and guidance from you. We can take elements and rituals from your backgrounds and weave them into your love story to create your own personal ceremony.

All traditions, backgrounds, and religions (or lack thereof!) are respected, accepted, and honored.


The possibilities for your ceremony are nearly endless! The central theme of the ceremony will be your love story – the original tale of what events have brought you both to where you are today.


As ceremony experts, We can help guide you to the rituals, readings, and vows that speak to you. We will be there for you, every step of the way, to make sure the ceremony is just the way you envision it.

The process will be seamless, worry-free, and fun! You will have complete control over the ceremony, and full editing power. We provide lots of guidance, suggestions, and take our own expertise and knowledge to help you realize the ceremony you have always dreamed of.

Don’t worry – we do most of the work!

In the end, your perfect ceremony will take form. It will be beautiful, and something that you, your family, and your friends will remember forever! We will also provide you with a final digital copy of your own unique ceremony – it will be original, touching, and beautiful. Your wedding day is the celebration of a new chapter in your relationship, and we would be honored to celebrate it with you!

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