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Fortune herald

“NotForgotten’s Digital Time Capsule is a Scrapbook that Will Live for Centuries”

TG Daily

“Artificial Intelligence Meets Blockchain to Put New Spin on the Traditional Time Capsule”

International Business Times

“New personal archiving enables users to create a lasting legacy through a digital time capsule and preserve it using blockchain for up to 300 years”


“NotForgotten Strives for Immortality with Digital Personal Time Capsule ”

“I regret not doing it for my dad, and my mom has early onset Alzheimer’s, now I’m doing mine so my sons will have one of me. No matter what happens.”

Richie Murray, Nashville, Tennessee

I want to leave a timestamp on where I am in my life right now. In years to come we can reflect on how things have changed.

Ciran Young, 30, Manchester, UK

It was certainly an amazing day for my father to reminisce his entire life over a virtual connection with a soft soul.  You made that happen for my father and his life has been enriched yet again .  The experience was pleasurable and seamless…everyone did a GREAT job!"

Lisa Smith, Florida, USA

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