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About Us.

We are a creative & production agency that put YOU and the story of YOU
in the front. And just as importantly we PRESERVE your digital assets for generations to come!


A library, a trust fund, leaders of the international time capsule society. Obsessed with saving stories

  I had thousands of photos and videos spread across my smartphone,  Dropbox, OneDrive, on my laptops, and yes in my drawers - yet inevitably a bride or client would call or email me 6 months or a year later saying they could not find their photos or videos. The computer they had saved it on fried or the account/ cloud they had saved them on- well the quality really sucked when they downloaded them. Some of their favorite photos had became "corrupt"  and when they went looking for their wedding video, they were unable to to even access it, because it was on a OLD VIDEO CASETTE tape!!

As a photographer and videographer I was frustrated with the number of obstacles and limitations there are to being able to save digital assets for the next generation to enjoy. 

 NotForgotten was founded on a simple premise - to keep stories and legacies safe, and make stories discoverable and accessible for future generations to enjoy. I believe that our stories help us all see how we connect to the world, that leaving a legacy shouldn't cost a fortune, and that by participating in the NotForgotten library we will all contribute to having better understanding of our past.

Today the NotForgotten Library Depository has expanded and documented many thousands of time capsules. We lead the International Time Capsule Society which opened its doors over thirty years ago. Our library is in Princeton and the society is headquartered at Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, Georgia where the Crypt of Civilization, regarded as the original time capsule, was proudly sealed in 1937. 

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