Lunch with Warren Buffett goes for $2.3 million. The highest price ever paid for this power lunch was $3.5 million by an anonymous bidder in 2012.

Every year people bid and pay to eat a dinner with a wealthy and famous person. From Bill Gates to well known politicians it happens. In other arenas people clamor to get an autograph or a selfie with some famous entertainer, athlete or anyone of notoriety.

What exactly do these people expect to gain from their expense of paying to eat with one of these people? Or the efforts they put into getting an autograph or having a picture taken with this well-known person or that one? Certainly, Bill Gates or Buffet neither one can divulge their vast wisdom over a short dinner. That rock star or movie star has nothing of value to offer in that few short seconds of smiling in a selfie photograph nor are they able to transfer any SUCCESS energy via their signature on a 8 X 10 glossy photograph…… or can they?

Have you felt the electricity around such? Have you felt the energy from someone who is telling of their brief encounter with this famous person or that one? Or even the sharing of that autograph that this well-known figure has signed on a picture and even inscribed the recipients name on it!!!! Even though it was not YOU that had the experience you are able to feed off the energy being shared by the person that did have lunch with Bill Gates or took a random selfie with Lady Gaga. And that person who had that dinner with Buffet went on the spread that energy they gained from that brief dinner with countless others by sharing the experience on podcast, TV shows and sometimes even in books and articles.

Energy…. The fact is we are only talking about the transference of energy. People pay and endure long lines to get into a concert to be in the same room with some entertainer. Not even having a conversation with or getting close to this person of fame- just being in the same room!!! And they gain vast amounts of energy from it. Or course it affects some in ways that it does not affect others. Some would go to great lengths for that dinner with Bill Gates or even pay just to hear him speak from a stage. Others would get their energy from sitting in the nosebleed section of a PINK concert. In both cases the attendee walks away revitalized! Filled with excitement and wide awake.

It was simply a transference of energy. But where did Bill Gates get the energy that he transferred so easily to his companion at dinner? From what source did Lady Gaga get her energy from?


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