The radionics box is a controversial device that can be used, over and over, to help your desires manifest in an almost magical way. However, there is a scientific foundation behind the box. We know thoughts have physical impact, and this box allows you to tune your thoughts specifically to achieve change in the world. Whether you want to dramatically improve your finances, health, or relationships, radionics has been a powerful means of experimentation for a century. By setting your goal, and tuning your mind-body-environment relationship with the 9-knobs, stunning things can manifest--virtually whatever you choose. Therefore, it must be used wisely. You will quickly see why many consider this advanced "magic" or "techno-shamanism."


Albert Abrams was born in 1863 in San Francisco, earned a medical degree from Heidelberg University in Germany in 1882, and returned home to become a professor of pathology at Cooper Medical College (later absorbed by Stanford University) and the vice president of the California State Medical Society. Abrams was a respected member of the San Francisco intelligentsia; his comings and going were fodder for the local society column, which dutifully recorded his Yosemite vacations and his wife's tasteful luncheons.

In 1916 Abrams published a paper espousing his discovery of what he modestly named "Electronic Reactions of Abrams." "Every individual, it is maintained," he wrote, "is enveloped in a radiance (Aura) invisible to the carnal eye and only perceived by the soul accustomed to it." As evidence of this, Abrams listed portraits of saints with glowing halos and luminescent fish and crustaceans. This radiating energy, or ERA, could be used to not only diagnose conditions but could be tapped into in order to treat and diagnose patients of any manner of things, including cancer and syphilis.

Thus, throughout the 1900s, Abrams rolled out a series of electronic devices that he insisted did just that, including the "Dynomizer" and the "Oscilloclast." These machines could diagnose illness even in a remote subject, as long as the patient supplied a drop of blood, according to Abrams. Maladies were assigned a "rate" and when patients were treated, the machines were tuned to that number.

Abrams garnered fans (including the muckracking author Upton Sinclair) and his machines were leased to practitioners around the country; he offered classes at his San Francisco outpost. At one point, he announced plans to found an "electronic college." (This did not come to fruition.) 

Abrams' ideas didn't die with him. In 1927, not long after he departed this world, an Austrian psychoanalyst, Wilhelm Reich, published a paper called "The Function of the Orgasm." Nervous conditions, he wrote, could be resolved through "full genital gratification," and "sexual, vegetative energy is active in everything that lives."

Not long after arriving in New York in 1939, Reich announced the discovery of "orgone," something he described as "the primordial, cosmic energy." Reich believed that it floated throughout the atmosphere and that, if gathered and restored to the human body, its recipients would be infused with a number of health benefits. He built a contraption called an orgone accumulator, about the size of a phone booth, that he believed could collect and concentrate orgone. Patients sat passively inside, sometimes for hours at a time, hoping to be revitalized.

Among Reich's defenders were journalist Norman Mailer and artist William Steig. 

During the time Reich was defending the idea of orgone energy, T. Galen Hieronymus, an inventor in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1949 received a patent for his homemade radionics device. Galen, who was trained as an electrician by the National Guard and worked as an engineer for the Kansas City Power and Light Company, was an acolyte of Dr. Abrams and started tinkering with electricity and plants in 1931. His Hieronymus machine was intended to detect and measure "eloptic energy" that emanated from all living things. The Hieronymus machine became the blueprint for today's radionics devices; Hieronymus introduced the idea of the stickplate and the well. He thought his machines were especially useful for agriculture and wrote that he had documented their effectiveness on curing crops of pest and disease, including aphids and potato blight.

It is the legacy of these men—a pastiche of science, mysticism, and persecution—that set the stage for the modern radionics community.

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Hey Dr Kelsey! It is so strange but I already feel like Ryan is coming around every since talking with you! When I think of my machine it makes me so happy!

Wishing Machine Owner California

I wanted to tell you box has a conciousness, I feel really connected to the box. It's like my mind is in it and it knows me...Dr. Kelsey puts a lot of love in the box


Thank you Dr. Kelsey! My machine that you hand crafted for me is very special, I feel like it has a consciousness , almost like the box knows me💕 I truly appreciate your work 💜 I love you💗

My sister mentioned she wants to buy another machine from you for her husband

Tracy California

Jonah, California

Using the machine, my company has gone from $500 revenue per month to $35,000 per month; and growing within just a few months! I’ve been an entrepreneur for 16 years and have NEVER seen such quick growth.

Nathaniel, New York

I am straight amazed at all the good things that have happened in my life, and will hopefully continue, since first learning about you and your “wishing machine.” Up until two months ago I was hopeless. Now, not anymore!

Joe Flores, Houston, TX

. . . just a quick note to give a “testimonial” on the wishing-box. As a reminder: I ordered my wishing-box, and set it to bring more money into my home. I set this wish for Oct. 2013. And 3 things happened unexpectedly in November & December: (1) I rec’d an $8,000 bonus + a small raise at work, and I had not received a bonus or pay increase in 2 yrs. (2) My father unexpectedly gave me $5,000 as he received some extra money from the gov’t – this was very unexpected to get this money from him. And (3) My cousins paid me back $2,000 that I loaned them the year before – I wasn’t expecting them to be able to pay me back either.With this extra cash, I was able to get new floors for my home and pay off my credit card. So, my “wish” was a definite success! Just a quick FYI to let you know that this did work! Thanks again.


Are you wishing for something to come true? I was. I was trying to sell a house for over 6 months. I had priced it very low, cleaned it up and even buried Saint Joseph in my front yard. I took a big chance by moving before it sold. The cost of keeping it was really upsetting to me. I met a gentleman that told me about the ‘Wishing Machine,’ and I was quite skeptical. Within two weeks of trying the machine, I had a full offer and it closed within one month. I don’t understand how it works, but I am a believer now.


I set up a program to get rid of my headache. I also took other medicine so can’t say for sure, but about ten minutes after I set it up, I got a Twitter mention inviting me to speak at a tech conference in Berlin! And my headache has begun subsiding. Nice!


In spring of 2012, I began reading about a Wishing Machine that may benefit me. I had filed for divorce on 5/13/04 and the case was going nowhere. Each month I was billed for payment and my attorney had plans to take this onto Superior Court, from whenever the divorce was granted, which could take an additional 2 years. I purchased the machine in May and Dr. Mulder guided me on how to program it. With the machine in place, I contacted an Accountant and given names of a few good attorneys. On 6/25 I phoned a new office and was told they would get back to me. By 2:30 p.m. I was given a next day appointment at 9 a.m. along with my box of papers. On 10/2/12 I went back to court with my new attorney and a divorce agreement was written in 1.5 hours. My divorce was granted January 2013. By the fall my former spouse had lost a major contract at his store and became seriously ill and was hospitalized. With the purchase of the machine along with my intuition I was removed from an 8.5 year divorce. There is no doubt I would have lost additional monies due to a drop in sales if it wasn’t finalized. The machine does work and you must do your part by following thru with your wishes and dreams!


I received my first radionics device October 31, 2013. I decided to do an extensive experiment to determine the functionality of the device. For the first month, I simply put the device on a living room desk and made no adjustments to it. At the time I was working on an impulse propulsion device with little real progress. Within two weeks of receiving the radionics box I had developed new theories and by four weeks after receiving the device I was making movies of a working device that is a completely functional deep space propulsion device. I noticed that other things in my life were just working out much more smoothly than normal. I then tried to quantify the devices facilitation of my daily life. Because I can speak several languages, I need to review them on an ongoing basis to refresh my capability. I use the full Paymaster Learn XXX Language in your car to do this. Normally it takes at least 3 months to get to a 90% comprehension of all vocabulary. Using the Radionics Device as a self hypnotism facilitator, I was able to come up from 30% to 90% capability in German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Chinese in 3 Months. My next project was to build a spherical monitor. I am not an optics engineer, but I did get a completely functional 4′ diagonal translucent beach ball monitor up and running 3D anaglyph animations. The astounding thing about this project is it just worked so easily. For the prior 3 years I was trying to refinance my home loan without success. Within three days of setting the radionics device into a wish facilitation mode, my bank almost spontaneously refinanced my home from a 6.25% loan to a 4.56% loan. A project I was working on without radionics power assistance was an attempt to build a Texas Instruments Beagle Board based capable of doing complex yield analysis, utilizing highly specialized algorithms, and capable of doing fully automated semiconductor yield analysis. I ran into a road block. It was like trying to drive a railroad spike with your forehead. I applied radionics device techniques and the project is proceeding smoothly. It goes on an on. It is actually almost embarrassing.


I made a wish to find a gold and diamond item while metal detecting.
I never made it out with my detector as anticipated, so I figured this particular wish will go unfulfilled. I was walking downtown one evening, about a month after setting this particular wish, and ended up finding a gold and diamond-chip bracelet on the sidewalk. I checked the local lost and found, and nobody reported such an item lost, so my wish did come true in an unexpected way. I have been a casual metal detectorist for over 20 years, and never found a gold item with diamonds, then suddenly end up visually finding one without having to dig for it . . . I do not exactly comprehend it either but know it works for real.


Last night I had a VERY unusual experience with the box. I was laying in bed, relaxing, and letting my mind wander. I was holding the wishing machine on my stomach with my left thumb stroking the copper input plate. Well, I must have partially dozed off, with my brain waves changing, when the box came alive! I became 100% awake, eyes still closed. I could hear all the normal sounds that I usually hear, but in my minds eye (3rd eye?) I was receiving a movie of sorts. It looked like someone had taken 5 or 6-second clips from movies and joined them together. I could hear sounds, talking, see colors, even smells! This lasted approximately 45 seconds or so, and then my conscious mind took over and I lost the “feed”, so to speak. My thumb was still on the copper plate and my other one was on the plastic pad. I honestly believe that for that brief time, the machine was working as a receiver, and I was getting snapshots of other people using their wishing box because I remember hearing a lot of ” please” and “help.” Is it possible for the machine to work like this? It’s got me stumped, but I thought you might like to hear about it.

Russell Johnston, Hickory, NC

This year has been a real whirlwind. We talked around Christmas and I was telling you I was using the wishing machine for a set dollar amount to pay for my daughter’s college. You advised me to just wish for that, for her college to be paid for. I did, and here is what happened:


The last week of January I contacted a CDL headhunter to inquire about driving jobs in the area where we had decided to move so our daughter could live at home while going to school. Not only did I find a job that increased my mileage pay from .37 a mile to .50 a mile, I get a guarantee of $1,100 a week. I also have the opportunity to earn more money. That is my minimum.

Just last Sunday I used the wishing machine to get my wife a newer car. She also applied for a local position which would allow her to use her degree. She got the job and in January will get a company car.

All I can say is wow! Do you think the wishing machine could help me find a secret gold strike?

Thank you!

John, Indiana

I received my Wishing Machine today & man oh man, this thing works . . . I represented myself with a signed piece of paper, piece of hair, and folded 100 dollar bill . . . I bought a couple of lottery tickets & What Do Ya Know! I ended up winning a total of 140 dollars within 5 tickets, two different stores & this was just for a fun first exercise. I will keep you updated on my new experiments, but I just wanted to let you know that this thing is amazing. Thanks in advance!

Natey, Oregon

I ran your wishing machine the first day I got it and over this past weekend, I made some good money with my business. Where typically my weekends are slow and not much money coming in . . . It is powerful because weekends are always slow for my business and my past weekend was a record breaker. ;-)