Oracle of the Dead in Ephyra

The Psychomanteum is a chamber invented by Dr. Moody, but inspired by the ancient techniques used for 2500 years at the Oracle of the Dead in Ephyra Greece. A visitor to the Psychomanteum often experiences contact with departed loved ones. 

Psychomanteum Technique

The Psychomanteum technique involves mirror gazing. You seat yourself comfortably, then relax and look into the depth of a clear mirror without trying to really see anything. Deep relaxation is necessary for this process. When the relaxation process is successful, your arms should feel heavy, and your fingers will tingle. This tingling will signal the onset of the hypnogogic or altered consciousness state.

Your mirror will become cloudy: Practitioners report seeing an image resembling the sky on a cloudy day; others find that the mirror seems to darken. This lets you know that visions are about to appear.

Psychomanteum Experiences

When they do appear, do not try to control them. Just allow them to flow by you passively. Attempting to manipulate these images will simply drive them away. When you become more practiced at mirror gazing, you can focus on specific questions before entering this trance or hypnogogic state. If your goal is self-understanding, this process will come more quickly.

How long do the images last? Initially,  from one to ten minutes. It depends on how well you are able to say relaxed. The more you practice this and develop proficiency, the longer you will be able to view the images in the mirror.

Psychomanteum: The Visionary Experience

Sometimes you may see nothing, but you may hear a departed person talk or feel their touch. You may feel a location, but not see anything. In his psychomanteum experience, Nostradamus had the sensation of passing into the mirror. Images can come out and visit with you. It will be obvious when the vision begins and ends: You will always know this.

It is suggested that you immediately record your experience. As in writing down your dreams, put in as much detail as possible. Visions are often for life, and you can return to them at each stage of your life and draw more wisdom from them.

Saint Kelsey has constructed a mobile Psychomanteum. Contact us for availability and rates for your area and date.