There are two kinds of “exorcisms”:


1) The first kind is called a “Solemn Exorcism”:

A Solemn Exorcism can only be performed by a priest appointed by the local bishop and tehn only with the bishop’s specific permission. Canon Law sets this requirement.


2) The second kind is called a “Simple Exorcism”:

There are some simple exorcisms that can only be done by a priest or deacon, for example in the blessing of sacramentals.


Other forms of simple exorcisms can be done by laity. For example, the famous St. Michael Prayer that used to be said after Mass is a simple exorcism.

Everytime we say, “Father, cast this demon from my presence” and other such prayers we are doing a “simple exorcism.”

Some people are called to an apostolate of helping people who may have spiritual/demonological problems and harassments but are not so severely demonized as to need a solemn exorcism from the Church.

In these lesser cases of demonization, prayerful people, usually called “Deliverance Counselors” (so as not to confuse people with the solemn/simple exorcism distinction), may be laity or clergy and essentially help the demonized person to get rid of any “hooks” in their lives that demons may be hanging onto, teach the person how to pray spiritual warfare prayers and to remain close to God and His Church, and offer intercessory prayer for them.


Under current Church law, a Deliverance Counselor MAY NOT talk directly to the demons nor directly command them. Thus, instead of something like, “I rebuke you demon of anger” we must say, rather, something like, “Father in Heaven, please rebuke this demon of anger.” We must AVOID the “I” language.

When people go to help a demonized person and pray for them it is common and efficacious to fast. This is a spiritual practice that is always prudent when dealing with evil.






2. The exorcism of salt follows: God’s creature, salt, I cast out the demon from you by the living + God, by the true + God, by the holy + God, by God who ordered you to be thrown into the water-spring by Eliseus to heal it of its barrenness.May you be a purified salt, a means of health for those who believe, a medicine for body and soul for all who make use of you. May all evil fancies of the foul fiend, his malice and cunning, be driven afar from the place where you are sprinkled. And let every unclean spirit be repulsed by Him who is coming to judge both the living and the dead and the world by fire. R: Amen.Let us pray.Almighty everlasting God, we humbly appeal to your mercy andgoodness to graciously bless + this creature, salt, which youhave given for mankind’s use. May all who use it find in it aremedy for body and mind. And may everything that it touches or sprinkles be freed from uncleanness and any influence of the evil spirit; through Christ our Lord. R: Amen.Exorcism of the water:God’s creature, water, I cast out the demon from you in the name of God + the Father almighty, in the name of Jesus + Christ, His Son, our Lord, and in the power of the Holy + Spirit. May you be a purified water, empowered to drive afar all power of the enemy, in fact, to root out and banish the enemy himself, along with his fallen angels. We ask this through the power of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is coming to judge both the living and the dead and the world by fire. R: Amen.Let us pray.O God, who for man’s welfare established the most wonderfulmysteries in the substance of water, hearken to our prayer, andpour forth your blessing + on this element now being preparedwith various purifying rites. May this creature of yours, whenused in your mysteries and endowed with your grace, serve to cast out demons and to banish disease. May everything that this water sprinkles in the homes and gatherings of the faithful be delivered from all that is unclean and hurtful; let no breath of contagion hover there, no taint of corruption; let all the wilesof the lurking enemy come to nothing. By the sprinkling of thiswater may everything opposed to the safety and peace of theoccupants of these homes be banished, so that in calling on your holy name they may know the well-being they desire, and be protected from every peril; through Christ our Lord. R: Amen.3. Now the priest pours the salt into the water in the form of across, saying: May this salt and water be mixed together; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, + and of the Holy Spirit. R: Amen.V: The Lord be with you.R: May He also be with you.Let us pray.God, source of irresistible might and king of an invinciblerealm, the ever-glorious conqueror; who restrain the force of the adversary, silencing the uproar of his rage, and valiantlysubduing his wickedness; in awe and humility we beg you, Lord, to regard with favor this creature thing of salt and water, to letthe light of your kindness shine upon it, and to hallow it with the dew of your mercy; so that wherever it is sprinkled and yourholy name is invoked, every assault of the unclean spirit may be baffled, and all dread of the serpent’s venom be cast out. To us who entreat your mercy grant that the Holy Spirit may be with us wherever we may be; through Christ our Lord. R: Amen.4. On Sundays after the water is blessed and before Mass begins the celebrant sprinkles the altar, himself, the ministers, and the people as prescribed in the Missal and in the ceremony of the Ritual given below.5. Christ’s faithful are permitted to take holy water home withthem to sprinkle the sick, their homes, fields, vineyards, andthe like. It is recommended too that they put it in fonts in thevarious rooms, so that they may use it to bless themselves daily and frequently.


From a separate section:8. BLESSING OF OIL – EXORCISM OF OILV:


Our help is in the name of the Lord.R: Who made heaven and earth.ExorcismGod’s creature, oil, I cast out the demon from you by God theFather + almighty, who made heaven and earth and sea, and all that they contain. Let the adversary’s power, the devil’slegions, and all Satan’s attacks and machinations be dispelledand driven afar from this creature, oil. Let it bring health inbody and mind to all who use it, in the name of God + the Father almighty, and of our Lord Jesus + Christ, His Son, and of the Holy Spirit, the Advocate, as well as in the love of the sameJesus Christ our Lord, who is coming to judge both the living and the dead and the world by fire. R: Amen.V: Lord, heed my prayer.R: And let my cry be heard by you.V: The Lord be with you.R: May He also be with you.Let us pray.Lord God almighty, before whom the hosts of angels stand in awe, and whose heavenly service we acknowledge; may it please you to regard favorably and to bless + and hallow + this creature, oil, which by your power has been pressed from the juice of olives.You have ordained it for anointing the sick, so that, when they are made well, they may give thanks to you, the living and trueGod. Grant, we pray, that those who will use this oil, which we are blessing + in your name, may be delivered from all suffering, all infirmity, and all wiles of the enemy. Let it be a means of averting any kind of adversity from man, made in your image and redeemed by the precious blood of your Son, so that he may never again suffer the sting of the ancient serpent; through Christ ourLord.


R: Amen

.It is sprinkled with holy water.