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Southeast Pop Up Weddings was created to give Brides and Grooms a way to create a Stress Free, Hassle Free and Affordable  Wedding Day.  We aim to keep our cost's low and our  service and professionalism high to ensure that every couple has their perfect  Wedding Ceremony at honest price that doesn't break the bank. 

Explore our website and see many of the great locations which we suggest for you to have your  Wedding Ceremony at. We are also excited by your suggestions and would be happy to discuss and unique or fun location which we or any of our couples haven't yet thought of. 

The Southeast Pop Up Weddings is affiliated with Dr Kelsey Gaham Ministries and IOCCHURCH. Dr Graham has a lifetime of ministerrial experience and unlike many his ordination was NOT provided by some online method. Feel free to GOOGLE Dr Kelsey Graham and read what couples have to say about him and his ministry.

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