Spectrophilia is the term used for a phenomenon of having alleged sexual encounters with ghosts, as well as being sexually aroused by images in mirrors. This occurrence has featured in folklore and myths from many different cultures including Arabic, Celtic, Greek and Hindu.


The Woman who Fell in Love and Married a Ghost

Amethyst Realm, a 27-year-old spiritual counselor from Bristol, England has a curious love-life. Appearing on the popular daytime TV show This Morning, she described how she hopes to settle down and perhaps even have a baby someday — with a ghost.

She “met” and fell in love with her current spirit partner on a visit to Australia, while out for a walk in the bush. “It’s the one,” insists Realm. Apparently the ghost hitched a ride back to England on the plane with her, and the couple plan to get married.

She explained to the bemused hosts her plans to start a ghostly family: “I’ve been looking into phantom pregnancies and I believe that a phantom pregnancy is actually a real pregnancy but you have a phantom inside you rather than a real baby.”

Realm wasn’t afraid of the spirit that haunted her bedroom.

She said she hopes to have a physical baby with her phantom husband.

“Maybe this is like a really nice dream that you can go back into and opt into whenever you want,” 

This is apparently not her first “close encounter” with a spiritual being.

It all began in 2005 while her flesh-and-blood fiancé was working away from home. Realm says that she started to feel the presence of a supernatural being in the spare bedroom. She was not afraid of it, quite the contrary — convinced that this spirit had the hots for her, one evening she decided to make the first move. Dressing up in sexy underwear, she sat and waited.

Incubus, colored aquatint, 1870. The incubus is a mythological demon that seduces women in their sleep.

Realm recalls in the interview that she felt it’s presence just as she was dropping off to sleep. She goes on to explain that what followed was the first of many sexual encounters with a spirit. It wasn’t long before Realm’s fiancé moved out on the grounds that she was having an affair. He had seen the shadowy figure of a man through the bedroom window, reports Amethyst — much to her annoyance as she herself has never seen her lover in physical form.

The relationship lasted for 3 years before Amethyst and her spirit-lover drifted apart.

But for Amethyst, a relationship with a real man couldn’t compare to her spiritual experience and she turned to seeking love from ghosts. Amethyst claims to have had sexual encounters with at least 15 ghosts, including some one-night-stands.

For Amethyst it was a case of “Once you go ghost, you can never go back.”

 Did you know: Why marrying dead people is possible in France

On April 20th 2017, French policeman Xavier Jugelé was killed in a terror attack. A month later he was married to his partner in the presence of the then French president. But how was this possible?

She says she married a pirate’s ghost — and she wants you to stop calling her crazy

Amanda Large Teague was meditating the first time she says she met the ghost of a 300-year-old Haitian pirate. She thought he was rude to interrupt her solitude, so she told him to leave. Then he showed up again.

The third time he visited, Teague, of Belfast, said she decided to talk with him.

After she communicated with the ghost for several months, Teague said, she became convinced he was Jack Teague, who she later claimed had inspired the character of Captain Jack Sparrow in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies. (Experts challenge these assertions.)

Teague’s beliefs, which fall under the umbrella of New Age spirituality, test the boundaries of what types of faith people in Western cultures are willing to accept. Though experts say Teague’s story is an outlier and not representative of most New Age spirituality, the range of beliefs — which includes reincarnation and astrology — is more common among Americans than it may seem.


Man to have 'threesome with two ghosts' for kinky Valentine's Day 'paranormal sex'


A man who claims to be in a relationship with a ghost has opened up about the couple’s incredible plans for Valentine’s Day.

Gary DeNoia, who described his “amazing” sex life with Lisa, a spectre, has told Daily Star Online all about his exciting plans for the most romantic day of the year.

The US man, from New Jersey, previously spoke about spending Christmas with his ghoulish partner.

But now since the joyful season is over, there’s more in store for Gary and his girlfriend Lisa, who he says he's been with for over two years.

The 35-year-old, who works in the hotel industry, has now told us what their plans are for Valentine’s Day – and it sounds very kinky.

The pair are planning to Netflix and chill – before having a threesome.

Gary said: “We both think that going out on Valentine’s Day is overpriced and overrated. We have a tradition. The night we make popcorn and ice cream sundaes."

“Then we watch our favourite movie, which ironically is Ghost. I know… we’re so corny. We can’t help it. Afterwards we make love on a bed of roses. The roses stay on the bed when we go to sleep, so we wake up to the smell of flowers.

“This year we’re getting kinky. We’re going to have our first threesome. Lisa has recently befriended a female spirit and I thought it would be fun to bring her over and spice things up.

“I’ve never had one before. Not even with two living women. I’m a little nervous, so needless to say there will be a lot of wine involved to loosen me up.”

The couple’s are always taking their sex life to another level with Gary describing it as “hitting a new milestone this Valentine’s Day”.

He continued: “And it was Lisa’s idea for the threesome. She’s confident in the way I feel about her and we our both very sexual and know we would be comfortable having sex with another spirit without any emotional attachment.

“Her only rule is she doesn’t want me kissing her friend Sadie, which I am totally okay with.”

But despite the couple's hunger for new experiences in the bedroom, they are planning something adorable in the day.

Talking about their plans for the rest of the day, Gary explained: “I’m going to make her breakfast in bed. French toast is her favourite.

“I also leave notes hidden throughout our apartment for her to find while I’m at work. Romantic things, inside jokes, naughty talk. Basically anything that will make her smile.”

How It All Started For Me

My father was a pastor so I was raised in a world of the supernatural. Of course we believed in spirits, angels, demons, Satan- all the above. As death surrounded us the question always loomed as to whether a surviving spouse would be reunited with their lost loved on in the afterlife. Bible quotes were used to support one view or another however the human emotion being what it is the end all of such relationships was a difficult mindset to hold onto. So regardless of Biblical quotes and interpretations the surviving spouse most often held to a belief that they would indeed be reunited with their loved one in the afterlife.

And so my journey into all things supernatural began.

Fast forward to me in my 50's. I found myself added to a group called the PARANORMAL CLERGY- a group hosted and moderated by a Bishop Long out of Kentucky. Bishop Long was barely an acquaintance of mine, having actually met him only once and communicated with him mostly in online messages and emails. The end result was my finding myself listed as one of the PARANORMAL CLERGY. At first I was surprised to say the least but then thought it might be an experience worthy my time. Soon my phone began to ring from people troubled from all across the country. Two in one year, not far apart, that were much stranger to me than most- both young ladies, and both in relationships with the ghost of deceased, well known, people. One lady, an entertainer, very talented, singer, song writer- this, back in the MYSPACE era, she was in a relationship with none other than Freddie Mercury, the deceased singer of the group QUEEN. She offered to pay me to come to Saint Louis to marry her to his ghost in a rose garden and subsequently she would call me at all hours claiming of being attacked by other ghosts/ spirits of the dead. The other lady, a florist, from Denver, CO was, she claimed, married to the late JFK, Jr. and he had be frightened off from her by some bad spirits who it seemed were bullying him and she was seeking help in getting her ghost husband to return. 


Until this time I had never dealt with people having such relations with ghost, the dead. Yes I was aware of the succubus and incubus. But just had never had this up close and personal experience. I certainly had not known of the marrying and having a relationship as being presented by these two ladies. 


As can be seen from the articles I have posted on this site this turns out to be an ancient practice and one that is not unheard of.


I have been involved with the world of paranormal and those who call themselves 'ghost hunters; and 'paranormal investigators' for a while now. Never really having called myself by either name. But I note that in reality both of these labels describe people who at heart are very interested in the afterlife. After all why else would they delve into such a world? 

Some  folks have relationship issues, unstable or non existent relationships. So why not a GHOST DATING or DATING THE DEAD web site? Really it is nothing new. Maybe the site is new but the practice is not...........