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Abnormal.Photography a part of Dr. Kelsey Graham Ministries host an award winning photographer who has traveled the world pursuing their passion for photography. A love of photography having grown out of the appreciation of the diversity people.

Not to be classified or known for just one style of photography Abnormal Photography shoots the style that fits the subject highlighting personality, character and the uniqueness of the individual subject bringing out the best of who they are. . 

Having shot hundreds of weddings, television and internet promotional ads, entertainers, song writers, album covers, sports figures, model portfolios, children, pets, and more.

We do not work by the clock- YOU commission US to provide you with the art of photography that you desire. The resulting art is delivered to you in digital format within two weeks of the shoot unless other arrangements are made prior. 

We design a package specifically for you to fit your needs and desires.

Athena Reviews

Dr. Graham was absolutely amazing! He was very flexible to arrange for out of town meetings & was very easy to get in touch with & very quick to reply back. He made everything a breeze for us! If we ever needed any suggestions, he was a great help, especially since we had no idea what we were doing! We would have ideas & send them to him & he would fix it right up to be exactly what we wanted. Even though we were procrastinators & did some things at the last minute (like writing our ceremony & vows & picking out our music), he was still right on top of everything. One of the greatest things about Dr. Graham is how open minded he is. He would've said or did anything we requested. No idea would be too over the top for him. He is very professional, but he is also very warm, making every interaction very comfortable, relaxing, & fun. Everyone that met him just thought he was great. 
He also was the DJ for our reception & arranged the ceremony music. All we did was pick out our music & give it to him & he took care of the rest. It was incredibly painless! 
Dr. Graham also solved one of our major catastrophes by providing us a photographer! Catherine was our photographer & we loved her! She is a truly great person & has a wonderful eye! A great photographer doesn't need months of editing to get your pictures to you & she is definitely fantastic. We had a lot of pics posted the next day & into the following week. Not weeks to months that other "professionals" have to have. Most of the pictures, if not all of them, were not altered & turned out perfectly. She was a blessing to work with & everyone loved her. 
Overall, we could not have been happier with Dr. Graham & Catherine. I am so glad I was able to find him! Nothing could have been more perfect for our wedding! And in the end, we made new friends! :) 

Wedding: 09/13/2014
Services Used: Ceremony Music, DJ, Officiant, Photography, Unique Services (Other)


Billy Reviews

Dr Graham was very geared toward making sure that the occasion was exactly as we had wanted it. He exceeded my expectations when our wedding day arrived. Our crowd loved him, and for that we love him! He made my wife and I so comfortable during the ceremony, and he made our wedding that much more awesome! He covered all of our concerns and brought light to things we had not even thought of. After sorting through dozens of photographers that didn't fit our budget in the first place, we decided to ask Dr. Graham for some suggestions. That is when we found out about his other service. (#Abnormal Photography) Catherine, the photographer, found a great way to make one of the bride's biggest concerns about the venue one of the best/original pictures we have in our collection. She didn't skimp on using everything beautiful about our venue- as well as making sure we got pics with all of our family separately as well as one of everyone who attended. On top of it all He also provided an exceptional DJ service. (#Abnormal DJ) I had taken the time to pick out particular songs for the big day, but being pressed for time didn't collect as many "dance hits". Thank goodness he already quite the collection on hand, as well as downloading some requested songs on the fly. Five Stars All Around!!

Wedding: 09/13/2014
Services Used: DJ, Officiant, Photography

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