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About me

Dr Kelsey Graham

Catherine Marie- Photographer

Hi! I am Dr Kelsey Graham. After semi retiring at age 50 weddings became my ministry. Not by my planning, simply being available and willing. Without any great marketing efforts on my part- simply by serving my couples as a professional with a lifetime of training and experience in the ministry and serving people- this wedding ministry simply took a life of it's own and I stuck with it and enjoy the ride!


Offering myself as a wedding officiant/minister I learned even more over time regarding weddings and all the componants from planning to reception. And I learned most by listening to the brides and being willing to give them exactly what they wanted.


After hundreds of weddings, hearing horror stories of no show vendors and over priced vendors I started adding on to my menu of services. From DJ to Photography and now Photo Booth. The absolute best price we can offer comes from a package deal- however there is no requirement to book a package- Just tell us what you want and need and we will make it happen. 

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