Dr Kelsey Graham

February 12, 2016



Dr Kelsey Graham has officiated thousands of weddings over the years and is very knowledgeable regarding all aspects pertaining to your big day. If you have not had the opportunity to read what previous couples have written about him and his services I encourage you to take a few moments to do so. The reviews can be found by clicking on the tab that reads “Reviews- What couples say about me” from the home page of the web site http://kelseygraham.com.

His motto is “A non-judgmental affair of the heart”: simply meaning that we serve ALL and we script and choreograph each ceremony to reflect the couple never imputing our views into the process. YOU maintain full control over YOUR ceremony. We simply make suggestions and assist in leading you to a ceremony that will be the most memorable and fitting for who YOU are. Though Dr Graham is best known for his officiating over weddings our ministry has added on over the years several other services to aid you in the least stressful planning for your wedding day. Some of these are DJ services, Photo Booth, Photography, Videography, Day of Coordinator and more!! There is no obligation to use all or any of these services and we are not pushy. However our various packages can save you a lot of money as well as make the planning process much simpler and stress free enabling you to deal with less vendors. 

Dr Graham also hosted Alabama Wedding Radio and is well networked with wedding vendors throughout Alabama. Should you desire live musicians for your ceremony or reception we are able to introduce you to a variety of very talented and dependable performers based on your needs and desires.



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