Marriage vs Wedding

February 11, 2016

I would like to point out that there’s a distinction between getting married and holding a wedding. Getting married is something you may need; holding a wedding is something you want.

Thousands of couples get married each year in Alabama and they spend less than $100 on their "wedding". A wedding is a luxury. When my parents got married in the early part of the 20th century unless you were upper middle class your wedding took place at the courthouse. Now everyone feels that they are privileged or must have a wedding that involves fancy clothing, tons of flowers, expensive rings, catered food, fancy cakes and lots of music. None of these things make a marriage. None of these things create a marriage.

Sound strange coming from someone who spends his time in the wedding industry? I am a practical man myself. My ministry started out on the "need" part of marriages- the minister/ officiant. Judges to busy to sign the papers, or local pastors to stubborn or set in their ways to oblige couples who are "non believers" or one of them is a non believer and the other one is a believer, or still those hold outs against marrying folks of different skin colors or Gawd forbid have lived together in sin!!!!

I added on other services simply because of pitiful vendors who double booked or wanted thousands for a few hours work. My heart went out to them. Just as my heart went out to those whose preachers would not stand up to say a few words and use their black ink pen to make a legal contract with the state.

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