• SMELLS BETTER THAN BIGFOOT - He's a hairy, stinky dude but you'll forget Eau de Yeti when you get a whiff of the amazing pine tree scent of these Bigfoot shaped air fresheners. Deluxe 2 pack set includes 2 individually wrapped figures ready to hang.
  • YOU'RE WELCOME - You don't need a Bigfoot encounter to know how great this will make your auto, home, tent, camper or trailer smell. Removes foul odors while letting you keep an eye on the elusive creature. Great for camping!
  • INSTANT COOL - Take it up a notch with Bigfoot in the house (..well car) Now throw some road pops in the Yeti cooler, put on your Bigfoot t-shirt and head to the Sasquatch festival in style.
  • THE BEST IN BIGFOOT GIFTS - Seriously, you nailed it! Nothing says you care like Bigfoot so way to represent. ...and you'll probably want a few extras for yourself so get down off your Unicorn and add 2 or 3 sets to your cart!

BIGFOOT Air Freshener